Where we inhabit,  we are guests, while our environment plays host. In this space, around this piece - Feltscape - nature invites us into her fold. Here you can rest, and find solace in the softness of earth’s fine layers.  

The making of this functional work of art involves the age-old process of felting, whereby the individual fibres of sheep’s wool are connected by hand to create a remarkable fabric. 
Feltscape is a product of Jacobs Collection, whose furniture leverages materials reminiscent of the outdoors. The Jacobs family has been farming Merino sheep for more than 6 generations. While wool in South Africa mostly gets exported for production, Jacobs Collection challenges this norm by investing in the abilities of local craftsmanship. Feltscape is thus an expression of SA’s natural beauty, and a celebration of her tradespeople. 

Whether you’ve seen the farmlands of the Free State or not, Feltscape can tempt you to picture the vast plains and rocky hills of an imaginary landscape, a place of aesthetic and even spiritual significance.

100% Locallly sourced Merino wool. Traceable from farm to seat. 

Dimensions: 2400mm w x 4300mm L x 1600mm h 
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